# 1 Dad!

Hello! I designed the “# 1 Dad” logo from Seinfeld.
1-Dad-Shirt morty-seinfeld-1-dad-shirt
This trophy¬†was inspired by Seinfeld episode – 151 “The English Patient”. I was watching this the episode and it instantly clicked “Why isn’t this a trophy?! So, i decided to get right on it! it took about 20 minutes to make in Blender.


I have been making time lapse’s of my prints, Please enjoy the video!


Printrbot Metal Plus:

Nozzle .040 mm
Layer Height 0.28 mm
Shells 3
Raft Yes – Offset 5mm
Infill 11%
Support No
Extrude Temp 1-10 Layer= 210c, 19-x Layer=190c
Bed Temp 50c
Print Speed 80 mm/min
Material PLA

# 1 Dad

# 1 Dad

Ease of Print


    Fun Factor





        • Makes a great Fathers Day gift!
        • Speed was set to 80mm, which printed beautifully!


        • Gave it 7.5 for ease of print because it needed a raft. if you dont use a raft make sure the build plate is either heated or treated. but for me, raft was required.

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