A bird in the Hand – 3D Print!

Everyone knows the saying “a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. (The things we already have are more valuable than the things we only hope to get.)

When i was a teenager my Father, Brother, and a family friend entered a snow carving competition. My father designed this model and we carved it from snow. This ultimately led to my Fathers chainsaw carving career – Mike Bihlmaier 7-Sons.com, , i believe we won Peoples Choice. This has always been one of my favorite pieces! Now i can share it! This model was designed with the help from a 3D scanner,  scanning my hand with an Xbox Kinect I picked up from a retail shop, the software i used was Reconstructme. Used blender to rig the model to the current shape. Everything else was from scratch.

Printer Printrbot Metal Plus
Slicer Simplify3D
Nozzle .040 mm
Print Speed 50mm-70mm
Layer Height 0.20 mm
Shells 2
Raft Yes – Offset: 8
Infill 10%
Support Yes
Extrude Temp 1-35 Layers= 210c, 19-x Layers=190c
Bed Temp 65c
Material HatchBox PLA White
Print Time About 2 hours.
Cost of Materials in USD 0.64
Plastic Weight 0.03lb
Object Dimensions  X39.82, Y31.90, Z84.65


In other thoughts it came out really nice. The printer had no issues and the legs turned out great. The lets kinda worried me.. But it printed!

A bird in the hand.

A bird in the hand.

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