BuildTak = Adhesion Miracle.

Hi guys! First a little update! I haven’t really have had much time to blog nor 3D print anything. I have been quite occupied with our new house. That and traveling for work its quite exhausting. But nonetheless I try to make time for 3D printing.

I haven’t touched it much because i have been having issues with my prints sticking to the build platform on the PrintrBot Metal Plus, even with the heated build plate set to 65c+. I didn’t want to try hairspray and ABS paste.. But I did try the painters tape and that was a royal pain.. I did some research and found BuildTak. I thought the price was a little expensive, I guess its because they only offer packs of 5 instead of 3 like Amazon. I ended up buying the 3 pack off Amazon, I got the 10×10 for my PrintrBot Metal Plus

I followed the instructions as it claims to remove your current means of adhesion and make way for the Buildtak! I must say, it was the easiest install I have ever done! Which was one of the best parts! But man oh my does it get better! My first print was HUGE success (eh sorta). The toughest parts of 3D printing have seemed to disappear! It was absolutely perfect! the smallest spots stuck onto it like GLUE! But.. And a big BUT… I couldn’t for the life of me remove it from the build plate never im my life have I had such a hard time trying to remove PLA from a build platform. I eventually gave up and removed the BuildTak. I apparently didn’t set the Z offset enough. It went from Kaptom tape Z -1.18 to my first try with the BuildTak Z -1.10 That was WAY TO CLOSE! I thought it was perfect but the BuildTak thought otherwise. I ended up settling with Z -1.04. I was happy I purchased the pack of 3 instead of the 1. As i talk now I am printing the Screwless Cube Plate that I modified.. It has no build plate temp and is on the 7th layer with nothing coming off the build plate. Everything is even.. It’s almost to good to be true!


So after about three 4 hours the print was done. As you can see that pin one failed, this sucked BUT.. if you notice it didn’t mess anything else up. It didn’t drag across the build plate messing up the other prints. Very happy with this print. The tough task was removing the items from the build plate. i used a surgical scissors that have a slight angle to the clippers to remove them. I opened them up and slid them between the lower part of the prints and using them like a pry-bar. All and all.. This stuff is amazing, it’s like Velcro.




East of use


How good does it stick?


Ease of removing print?



  • it's AMAZING! I never thought i would get such satisfaction from something such as the build platform adhesion!
  • It works great. It just sticks!
  • Installation was a breeze! WAY easier than Kapton Tape!
  • I gave Ease of removing print a 50 because it really depends on how you have you Z axis set.


  • Almost too good to be true. But I have printed over 3 things with it so far. So far so Good!

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