Darunia Bust!

I found this model while browsing Zelda file on Models-Resource.com. I used the model Darunia from Hyrule Warriors. It was imported into Blender and dissected. Turned out really well!

This was an easy one to print got it on the first try, but unfortunately the right section of the beard become detached from the support, i blame it on my room temperature, i turned the AC on around the time it started to print the beard, and the beard was closest to the breeze.  But other than that it turned out well, I was very please. Watch the video and let me know what you think!

Printer Printrbot Metal Plus
Slicer Simplify3D
Nozzle .040 mm
Print Speed 60-80mm
Layer Height 0.28 mm
Shells 3
Raft Yes – Offset:
Infill 11%
Support No
Extrude Temp 1-10 Layer= 210c, 19-x Layer=190c
Bed Temp 50c
Print Speed 60 mm/min
Material PLA
Print Time about 2 hours.

Darunia Bust

Darunia Bust

Ease of print



    • Really awesome conversation piece.


    • Requires a lot of support.
    • I would have given it 100 but the right side of the beard really goofed up.

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