GoPro 3-4 Dock!

I love using my GoPro’s! But one little problem when i tried to connect them to the USB – The Mini USB cable was really kinda stiff and always tipping over my GoPro’s. So i designed a simple dock to hold them. Came out well!



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Printer Printrbot Metal Plus
Slicer Simplify3D
Nozzle .040 mm
Print Speed 50mm-70mm
Layer Height 0.30 mm
Shells 2
Raft Yes – Offset: 8
Infill 10%
Support No
Extrude Temp 1-10 Layer= 210c, 19-x Layer=190c
Bed Temp 70c
Material HatchBox PLA White
Print Time About 2 hours.
Cost of Materials 2
Plastic Weight 0.18lb


GoPro Dock

GoPro Dock

Ease Of Print





  • Can hold 4 GoPro's.
  • Super easy to print.
  • Doesnt require much infill.
  • Sturdy and solid.

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