Jurassic World Logo!

Now this print was frustarting, and i don’t think i’ll ever print or make a JP logo again. This took me two times to get right. I turnes out i need a raft for this guy, and to get the raft off was next to impossible. Wrecked some letters trying, I got most of it off.. But it turned out okay. and if you’re a JP fan this logo if for you!

Jurassic World Logo

Jurassic World Logo

Ease of print



    • Looks good!
    • Great conversation piece!


    • Raft.. The raft was terrible to work with. I'm not sure if it was my raft setting, or just this print. it was terrible to work with, which is why i gave it 60 on the "Ease of print"..
    • Be very careful taking it off the build plate! The teeth are very fragile

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