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Hello! Today I have the Pancakebot. Pancakebot you might ask? Well this is the worlds FIRST printer that is used for printing.. you guessed it! Pancakes!! it was developed by Miguel Valenzuela, the website has is bio in the About section (scroll down). Lets get talking about this delicious machine. It works just like any other 3d printer but this machine doesn’t use the Z axis (an up or down motion) you can, but its set manually with three stages and from my experience set it up once and leave it.

The batter is extruded from a dispenser bottle which holds about 2 1/2 cups of batter. The batter is pushed out of the bottle with air pressure which is set on a scale 1-10  when the pancake bot is in idle it will use suction to keep the batter from flowing out, when the pancake bot is turned off the suction will stop and you must put the nozzle cap back on.  I found that when making the batter its best to add a two tbsp of oil to the batter to thin it out just a tad, also NO CLUMPS!! clumps will render it useless. completely stop the extrusion of the batter. With the oil the bottle moves the batter with a much smoother consistency. For the batter I used Krusteaz Waffle Mix. That’s right, i used waffle mix. Makes amazing pancakes. once i got this to the right consistency (added two more tbsp of oil extra from the boxes instructions) I found the perfect pressure which is 1.5, though depending on how intricate the pancake is that your printing you will have to monitor the pressure CONSTANTLY. Sometimes I felt like a pancake DJ. But that again is only if the pancake you’re trying to print is intricate. Otherwise my pressure was set at 1.5.

The Software.. Now this.. This almost killed it for me. But I understand this is new and from what I have heard there will be much improvement. Which is why i didn’t add that to my score. The software is slow to draw and difficult to make simple shapes if you don’t have a stylus. The image import tool is only for background tracing only. I was in the middle of tracing my face and the software crashed. Crashed. My face crashed the PancakeBot. But i got annoyed with it and figured i could download some already made designs. and to my surprise there is quite a few! So i downloaded a happy face with sunglasses and the spaceman. Put them both on the SD card. Once you plug the SD card into the bot while its on the little blue SD card will fill in with black. Select the play button and use the arrows to hover over the file you want to select and hit the play button. That easy.

1The package comes with a really nice griddle. I found that its great for making eggs and sausage while the PancakeBot is printing.  Overall it worked well. It was nice to just focus on the eggs and sausage while the printer worked on the pancake. Once the print was done, flip it and wait. Its really easy to use. A great little feature, built in drip tray that is easy to remove while the machine is running.Using the griddle for the first time I started printing with it set to med-high and let that sit for about 10 minutes before turning on the machine and pressing play.

I foresee so many applications for this bot too. Think if you place this thing over a deep fryer.. Custom Elephant Ears! But unfortunately if you’re not a pancake addict or someone who doesn’t eat breakfast food often, this device will most likely sit on your counter.. Or if you’re like me store it in the garage..  Its a great device don’t get me wrong but its really only good for pancake. But since the griddle is a separate piece that will probably be used more than the machine itself.




Conclusion: It’s Awesome. If you love breakfast food you need to own this.




Product Specs Includes PancakeBot, Griddle, PancakePainter Software, 1 Dispenser Bottle – See more 
Printing Surface Dimensions 17.5″ x 8.25″
Product Dimensions 17.5″ x 28.5″ x 13.5″
PancakeBot Filament  Pancake Batter. Can use ANY batter.



East of use


is it Delicious?




Fun Factor?





  • Well built. A lot of thought went into this machine.
  • Comes with an outstanding griddle
  • Easy to setup


  • Its kinda slow.
  • Software is buggy. Kept crashing on me.

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