PrintrBot Metal Plus Review Continues.. #2

Hello again! I’m back with the PrintrBot Metal Plus, I’m back with good news and bad news. So let me start out with the bad news..

some backstory of why this sucks.. I work a full time job, 8-5 and have weekends off which i really look forward to. Saturday and Sunday are my main printing days and unfortunately for me I woke up Saturday June excited to start printing and to my surprise… My printer would not connect to my computer, I felt that the power supply failed and fried the board. I’m not entirely sure yet but that’s what I was guessing. Here is a video I sent to Printrbot in hopes of identifying the issue and to give me an explanation.. Exactly what is going on before I dissect. This has me as really quite disapointed. I’ve had this printer for a month and already main board issues? All i wanted to do was print, it was working fine the day before! All my equipment is on a APC battery backup… Sigh…

Now that you’ve seen the video you understand my frustration, lets go to the good news

I wrote Printrbot and they got back to me within two days. They flat out said in the email that according to this video it looks like the USB has failed on the board and asked if i could try to print with an SD card. Well i couldn’t print with the SD card which was strange since I figured if it was the USB connection that went faulty why isn’t the SD card working?  Anyways i wrote them back saying that it didn’t work either. They sent out a replacement board, i received it in just a few days. They also attached a shipping label, but i’m going to hold on to this until i know for sure that its the board.

It was a success!
Installing the board was an easy project that took about 30 minutes to fully replace and start printing again. The new board did the trick and the printer is up and running. The only thing I had to do was re-level the Z axis in the code, “M212 Z-1.18” was the leveling for me. There we go..


So its time for me to vent. Why did this board break? is it because USB Micro is made for small devices and not for 3D printers? Does it really matter? I would love to hear your thoughts. But from my stand point i personally think it was the power that failed. The USB Micro socket went with it.. The USB Micro was on there nice and tight with a solid connection. The printer never moves so it’s not like i’m traveling with it and constant disconnection/re-connection. Everytime i used the machine i would shut off the power supply. I shut my devices off. The power supply seemed kinda cheap, some off brand so i replaced the one it came with; with one of mine. I’m currently using an OCZ  850W Power Supply.  It will be interseting to see how this holds up after a few more months.


Again, i would love to hear your thoughts and opinions on this matter.


Thanks for reading!

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  1. I had the exact same problem with my printrbot metal plus after one month of using it. I purchased it in June, which seems at around the same time as you. The board failed and support was fine, they sent me a new board for free under the warranty as I ordered assembled.
    The replacement board failed too after two days, it is really frustrating as I rely on it for work.
    The 2 times I suspected the usb failed, but the sd card didn’t work too. There were always connectivity problems from the start and the micro usb plug is very prone to failure. The 1st one just doesn’t work at all and the 2nd only connect in boot mode but it is impossible to reload the firmware on it (failed blank check error).
    Now they are sending the 3rd board, they send it quite quickly but being at the other side in Canada it takes 1 week to arrive and I can’t finish my work. I asked how to avoid failure of the board again but no response, they just sent the replacement. A replacement is great but of no use if I have to replace it everytime I print something. This is really disappointing and feel like a total loss of money for that price. The rest of the printer is nice but totally useless without the board.
    I will try to switch mine with a Ramps board as I can’t rely on their poor quality board.

    • We are in the exact same boat. I’m on my third board as well. But dealing with Printrbot is a real downer. I never thought I could lose motivation to print until i got a PrintrBot… So sorry.

      • The third board failed too, this time I could not even get a single print. The layers were shifting, then it started acting weird. The axis work fine in manual control but are very slow on print and don’t work properly making it impossible to print. I had more success with the ramps board but could not configure it properly because the stepper drivers are overheating. I really don’t know what could be the problem.
        Now I have to send back the 3rd failed printrboard and then they probably will send again another board, but what’s the point ?
        I wonder if something else could make the board fail, as it was probably overheating as my ramps board do. Could it be defective power supply or even the motors ?
        Printrbot support is very annoying, you ask yourself if they even read what you say. They don’t seem to be interested of finding the real issue here, just sending board over board. It has been one month since I cannot print and soon it’s going to be the end of the 90 days warranty policy. Then I will be stuck with a useless piece of metal.
        Have you had any luck with your boards, did you change the power supply or other components ?

        • I have yet to replace the second board. I have been away on business for a few weeks. I hope to replace the board sometime this weekend. but i will surely give you an update.
          Thanks for posting!

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