PrintrBot Metal Plus Review Continues.. #3

Hello! Here is another review of a owners perspective on a PrintrBot Metal Plus. In the last review i had received a new board which fixed my problem. Well this time around the board is dead again..  The video explains its. Its a true disappointment. This machine is built like a rock but the board is the biggest fault I have ever come across.


As you can see I’m in some trouble. Its a real shame. Now i have to figure out how to get the x axis leveled again because the step motors through off the leveling. Great.


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  1. Mine did something similar about a week or two after getting it. Replacing the firmware on the board fixed it and was a simple, 10 minute job.

    Overall, right now, after having my Metal Plus for a bit over a month I am not impressed with it. Like I said before, about two weeks into having it the stepper motors went crazy. I put a support ticket in and the help was great, it was just the firmware and reuploading took no time at all.

    Then the extruder clogged. I figured it was juts a simple nozzle clog……nope. The nozzle was fine. To make a long story shorty it looks like the extruder motor is getting too hot and transmitting that heat to the extruder, softening the filament and causing a jam. I have another support ticket in and once again, a brand new printer that wont print.

    I also have a Simple Metal and that thing is a workhorse! It just keeps printing and printing and printing!

    • I went through 3 boards. And replaced the firmware on the boards myself but with no avail. Glad to hear you got yours working. Mine has been working fine since the 3rd board. Just afraid to shut it off.

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