Reading Yourself

A few weeks ago I came back from a work trip and was browsing reddit on my computer where i saw an image of a sculpture which resembled this, well turns out it was a cached page from the week before, I refreshed the page and the image disappeared, i tried looking through my history but was unable to recover that page and picture..

Have since been wondering what it was. What is the name of this sculpture? What is the meaning? Who made it and why? I thought the sculpture was fascinating and i just had to remake it!

I have no knowledge of it’s whereabouts. So from what little memory I have decided to reconstruct it.. I’v since tried finding it on google but no avail. So if anyone can identify, I would greatly appreciate it!

I printed this smaller from originally what I intended. I was shooting for a print that was about 45 minutes to an hour.  turned out to be about 52


Printer Printrbot Metal Plus
Slicer Simplify3D
Nozzle .040 mm
Print Speed 50mm-70mm
Layer Height 0.20 mm
Shells 2
Raft Yes – Offset: 8
Infill 25%
Support Yes – with a 25 degree angle, my usual is 45.
Extrude Temp 210c
Bed Temp 65c
Material HatchBox PLA White
Print Time About 1 hours.
Cost of Materials in USD 0.50
Plastic Weight 0.02lb
Object Dimensions  X28.1, Y53.88, Z44.87

Reading Yourself.

Reading Yourself.

Ease of print


Artistic Value


Fun factor



  • This is a really great piece. Tells a lot about someone. Makes a great conversation piece too. Great for any collection!


  • Requires some attention when printing, i had it fail twice because the legs kept curling, fixed that by changing the support to 25 degree angle instead of 45.

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