Simplify3D Review.

From Reddit User AlaskanBeard Explains why, and i completely agree with him 100% Simplyfy3D is an amazing tool.

  • Rafts are amazing. A little tweaking and they come off just by pushing after they’re cooled.
  • Supports are amazing. The fact that you can add them based on overhang makes them super easy to use. As with rafts, a little tweaking and they usually pop right off with ease.
  • It takes a bit to get used to the controls but they most of what you need can be done with a coupe keys and left/right click.
  • Cross section view is great for more complex prints. Sometimes you need to see if there’s going to be support generated inside the print where you don’t want.
  • The control panel is DETAILED. Live GCode view, temperature tracking, emergency stop. Too many to list.
  • Ability to print via USB or upload to SD card.
  • Drivers for just about every printer out there.
  • Real time print tracking (I usually let mine update every second).
  • Without detailing everything, you can modify just about every single setting on the printer.
  • The ability to save print profiles. I print with both heads and multiple materials, as well as in high and medium detail, specific infill settings. I can make a profile for each one. I don’t have to remember my settings, just change profile.

This one deserves its own section. The slicer is 20ish times faster than any other slicer I’ve used (Makerware, Slic3r, skeinforge, Kisslicer). It works better and is much, much faster.

I could probably keep going, but that’s just the stuff that I use frequently. I’m also sure there’s a lot about the program I don’t know.

I understand the apprehension to paying the money, but if I were to do it again, I’d consider anything under $500 worth it. I print on average 30-50 hours a week to put things in perspective on my end.”  – AlaskanBeard


This is a great summery on the review of simplify 3D, i couldn’t help by post it here.




Out of box functionality.




Ease of use


Slicing Time



  • Real time print tracking
  • Drivers for just about every printer out there.
  • Amazing customer service.
  • Custom support materials , place where you want it.


  • Doesn't have a scale to build plate function
  • Tricky viewing, takes some getting use to.

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  1. Is this company “Simplify3D” a fraud? I bought my license 2 hrs ago and did not get any license/download or other information, their support does not respond to any messages and their phone (513-802-5011) is not being answered.

      • Well, the software is decent, but their support is pathetic (in friendly words…). It will take them half a day to send you a download link (you need an account on their website) and you will need to send them many nasty e-mails to wake them up and get you the product you bought.

        Now, if you actually need support, there is really none. Emails to their published support e-mail address return with “user unknown” and there is no phone number of course either….

        Even if you want to reset your password, the function on the website does not work and … wait for it…. neither will your product – if you do not have a working internet connection, this POS software is NOT going to get you past the login screen.

        Nice functions but the lack of support and idiotic implementation of the requirement to have an internet connection for the product to work makes it completely useless.

        I would say, stay away until they get their act together. Right now it feels as if it is a bunch of kids trying to run a company.

        • I have had Simplify3d for three years now. I was thrilled by it at the beginning. I thought it was everything i ever looked for in software. The single prints are amazing with ABS and even the dual extruder results (FlashForge Greator Pro) were ok.
          Be aware. if you use any material other than the standard ABS and you need some control for your parts beyond temperature, i.e. oozing, retraction control, scripts for tool changes and so on, it is simply a disaster. Useless, a waste of money. Something else that you will not get with Simplify 3d is support. Every email i sent in the past three years was answered by vague generalized useless suggestions or references to blogs and user posts. Other than registration and update problems, i have never been able to resolve any actual technical problem with them. Another thing that your $150 will not buy you is a person to talk to. No phone number, no live person.
          If you want the software for playing around and building toys, its perfect. It will take the headache out of everyday life. if you want it for work…. steer away.

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